How to Choose the Correct Aeroqual VOC Sensor when Measuring High VOC Levels

Aeroqual VOC Sensors

When choosing between a low range or high range VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) sensor, there are several things to consider. Especially in a situation where you don’t know for sure what your VOC levels are, you might wonder what sort of readout you will get if you have a VOC sensor that has too low of a range. For example, will it cause an error in the readout?

There are two Aeroqual GSS (Gas-Sensitive Semiconductor) sensor heads available for the Series 200, 300, and 500 monitor bases. The low-range sensor (PN# VM) detects VOCs in the range of 0 – 25 ppm (parts per million). The high-range sensor (PN# VP) detects VOCs in the range of 0 – 500 ppm.

When both the low-range and high-range VOC sensors are exposed to similar high VOC levels simultaneously, several things jump out at you. The first thing you’ll notice as the VOC level readouts climb is that the high-level sensor updates more often. The high-range sensor updates every 30 seconds, whereas the low-range sensor updates every 60 seconds. The next thing you’ll notice is that the lower-level VOC sensor fluctuates more in its readings, while the high-level VOC sensor climbs much more steadily. The low-range sensor’s higher resolution and higher sensitivity, while great when detecting low levels, is what’s causing the fluctuating readings in the presence of high VOC levels. You’ll also notice that the low-range sensor does give a readout well above 25 ppm. It does not give an error message, for example, or top out at 25 ppm. However, you can assume if your VM sensor is reading levels above 25 ppm, those readings are inaccurate, and you’ll need to upgrade to the VP sensor. The VP high-range Aeroqual sensor’s lower sensitivity, lower resolution, and accuracy up to 500 ppm VOCs make it ideal for measuring high VOC levels.

This video shows how the low and high range Aeroqual VOC sensors respond in the presence of high levels of VOCs.

Choosing between Low or High Range Aeroqual VOC Sensor

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