Hydrogen Sulfide

Complete list of Hydrogen Sulfide Sensors we offer:

Both fixed mount and portable sensors, along with replacement sensor heads from all the manufacturers we represent are listed here.  For questions on what sensor might be right for you, Contact us today!

Hydrogen Sulfide Information

Skeletal formula of hydrogen sulfide with two dimensionsHydrogen-sulfide-3D-balls.png

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Fixed Mount Handheld Replacement Sensors: Calibration Gas: 

All sensors require a yearly calibration to ensure your gas measurements are accurate and performing within manufacturer standards. This page is desiccated to the individual manufacturers we represent and their specific calibration procedures. 

**Calibration Service Request Form **

Calibration Costs:

Calibration costs do vary, see below to get an estimate: 

Calibration Fee: $150

Analyzer Calibration Fee: $300

PM Calibration Sensor Fee: $330

Genie Calibration Fee: $265

ATI Calibration Fee: $205

** note that prices are subject to change per labor and parts required.

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  1. GasWatch3 Personal Gas Detector
    As low as $195.00
  2. GX-2012 Multi Gas Monitor
    As low as $845.00
  3. GX-Force Sample Draw 4 Gas Monitor
    As low as $720.00
  4. GX-3R Pro Gas Detector
    As low as $400.00
  5. GX-3R Gas Detector
    As low as $520.00
  6. 04 Series – Single Gas Monitors
    As low as $195.00
  7. K-600-Multi Gas
    As low as $1,200.00
  8. K-600 Portable Single Gas Detector
    As low as $240.00
  9. BH-90A Portable Gas Detector
    As low as $65.00
  10. F12-is Gas Monitor with Sensor Holder & 6ft Cable
    As low as $1,450.00
  11. F12-D Gas Monitor with Remote Sensor Holder & Junction Box
    As low as $1,700.00
  12. Hydrogen Sulfide GENie EC Source Gas
    As low as $569.00
  13. GENie EC Calibration Gas Kit
    As low as $2,547.00
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