About Us

Our purpose is to provide quality gas monitoring products to satisfy all of your safety and control needs!


Who we are:

Gas-Sensing.com was originally founded by Mark Bosma and Joel Leusink, to fill the needs of customers that went beyond just ozone monitoring.  This quickly turned into a larger vision, expanding to online sales and a wider audience.


What we sell:

Please feel free to browse our website, compare products, and contact us with any questions that you might have. Currently, our product offerings include portable monitors, fixed-mount monitors, replacement sensors, accessories and more.  Do you see something that is missing from our product line-up?  Please let us know!  We are continually looking for new brands and product lines to offer - or perhaps the item you need just hadn't made it onto the website yet.  



Gas-Sensing.com is in partnership with Oxidation Technologies, LLC.  For information on ozone systems and ozone application information view their web page. 


Where we are at:

Gas-Sensing.com is based out of Inwood - a small, Midwestern town in northwest Iowa.  The small-town culture provides a community-oriented atmosphere and fosters a strong work ethic; two factors helpful in growing any business.  Despite our small-town location, our vendors and customers are located around the globe.  


Browse through our website or give us a call today - see if we can help with your gas-sensing needs!

Mark Bosma  and  Joel Leusink



Manufacturers we Represent:

Gas Sensor Manufacturers



Our Partner Websites:

Oxidation Technologies, LLC.  - Provides ozone and AOP equipment, service, and consulting services.

Ozone Systems, Inc - Ozone systems and application engineering

Turnkey Solutions, inc. - Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Shortline Parts - Online source for agriculture shortline parts

Sensorfi - Wireless sensor and monitoring solutions