How To Download Data from Aeroqual Series 500 Monitor to Computer

The Aeroqual Series 500 Monitor is a portable gas detector with the ability to record data using its internal memory. This blog post, as well as the video linked to below, explain how to download the data from the Aeroqual S-500 monitor onto a computer as a spreadsheet file.

  1. Download the Aeroqual Series 500 Datalogging software on a Windows computer using this link:
  2. While the S-500 base is powered off, plug it into a computer using the USB cord that comes with the device.
  3. Power on the base.
  4. Find the Com port that the Series 500 base is connected to. To find this, follow this sequence on your computer: Device Manager > Desktop > Ports > USB Serial Port
  5. On your computer, open the software you just downloaded.
  6. Select the correct Com port: Monitor > Com Port > Port Dropdown > Select the port number identified in step 4 and click OK.
  7. When the “Monitor Info” dialog box appears, listing the Series 500 information, you know that your computer is successfully connected to your Series 500 base. This means it will now be able to successfully download the data stored on the Series 500.
  8. Follow this sequence to download the data: File > Export Logged Data > Select the date range > Export
  9. Name your file and Save.
  10. When you navigate to the saved file on your computer and open it, the downloaded data will appear in spreadsheet form.
How to Download Data from Aeroqual S-500 Onto Computer

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