C18-11 Chlorine gas generator

Auto-Test Generator for Chlorine. (00-1239)

Chlorine Information


The Auto-test option verifies the serviceability of the transmitter on a prescribed schedule by exposing the sensor to a small amount of gas, and verifying a minimum response. Three attempts per test are made, and if the sensor does not respond on the third attempt, a fault alarm is triggered (may be optionally disabled).

The test is performed at a specific time of day, and may be scheduled to repeat every 1 to 14 days. The date and time of the next test is available for editing, and the test may be triggered manually at any time, without affecting the preset schedule.


The Auto-Test Generator can be easily added to the standard Integral Sensor Holder.

The Auto-test option requires an E18 gas generator, which must be compatible with the installed sensor’s gas type, and full-scale range. Table below lists gas compatible generators and sensors.


Auto-test Generator    Generator Type        
Compatible Sensors     
00-1239 Chlorine (Cl2)                     
Bromine (Br2)

Chlorine (Cl2)

    Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2)
    Flourine (F2)
    Ozone (O3)
    Hydrogen Flouride (HF)
    Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)
    Iodoine (I2)
    Acid Gas

Chlorine Information

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Manufacturer ATI
Call For Price No
Warranty 1 Year
Monitor Type D12
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