Calibration Kits

Calibration Kits for on-site sensor calibration. Please note that we carry a large variety of gases and ranges, if you aren't seeing what you need, please contact us! 


Please click on the gas below to see what we are carry for that gas, contact us for custom ranges and more:


Ammonia Butane Benzene Carbon Dioxide Carbon Monoxide
Chlorine Ethanol Ethane Ethylene Ethylene Oxide
Helium Hexane Hydrogen Hydrogen Chloride Hydrogen Sulfide
Isobutane Isobutylene Methane Nitric Oxide Nitrogen
Nitrogen Dioxide Oxygen Pentane Phosphine Sulfur Dioxide



All sensors require a yearly calibration to ensure your gas measurements are accurate and performing within manufacturer standards. We can perform this for you, see this link for more information HERE

**Calibration Service Request Form**


Calibration Costs:

Calibration costs do vary, see below to get an estimate: 

Calibration Fee: $150

Analyzer Calibration Fee: $300

PM Calibration Sensor Fee: $330

Genie Calibration Fee: $265

ATI Calibration Fee: $205

** note that prices are subject to change per labor and parts required.


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