RAP-1 Alarm panel offers a visual and audible alarm to indicate gas levels are unsafe.  Can be used with most any of our gas sensors to provide an audible and visual alarm.


The RAP-1 is a simple Remote Alarm Panel that offers a visual and audible alarm to indicate high gas levels.


     -Audible alarm 100 db

     -Visual flashing strobe alarm with red lens

     -Audible and visual alarms can be wired to separate alarm relays

     -Internal power supply - self powered unit

     -Can power gas monitor from internal 12 VDC power supply

To use the RAP-1 a gas detector with internal alarm relays will be required.  The list of compatible monitors is listed below.  The relays are wired to the RAP-1 to trigger either the visual alarm, audible alarm, or both. 

The RAP-1 will require 120 VAC power, a power cord is included.  The RAP-1 will provide 12 VDC power to power the audible and visual alarm.  This 12 VDC power can also power the gas detector used with the RAP-1 if desired.


List of Compatible Monitors:

     -ATI A14/A11 

     -ATI F12 (with relay option)

     -ATI D12 (with relay option)

     -ATI C12-17  (with relay option)

     -ATI D12-IR  (with relay option)

     -Aeroqual SM-50

     -Aeroqual SM-70

     -Aeroqual S-300

     -Aeroqual S-500

     -Aeroqual S-900

     -Aeroqual S-930

     -Aeroqual S-940

     -EcoSensors C-30ZX

     -EcoSensors OS-4

     -EcoSensors OS-6

     -EcoSensors OEM-1

     -EcoSensors OEM-2

     -EcoSensors UV-100



More Information
Manufacturer Oxidation Technologies
Call For Price No
Warranty 1 Year
Monitor Type A14/A11, C-30ZX, C12-17, D12, D12-IR, F12, OEM-1, OEM-2, OS-4, OS-6, S-300, S-500, S-900, S930, S940, SM-50, SM-70, UV-100
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