Acid Gases Information



What is Acid Gas?

Acid gas is a type of natural gas or any other gas mixture that contains significant quantities of hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, hydrogen halides, or similar acidic gases. Acid gases form acidic solutions when dissolved in water. Before a raw natural gas containing hydrogen sulfide or carbon dioxide can be used, the gas must be treated to reduce impurities to acceptable levels. This is commonly done with amine gas treatment process.

Health Risks

Health risks and exposure effects depend largely on which gas concentrations are elevated above normal levels. Hydrogen sulfide is a toxic gas. It also causes cracking in many different metal types, so it restricts the materials that can be used for piping. Carbon Dioxide is poisonous, causing dizziness, headaches, visual and hearing dysfunction, and unconsciousness within minutes to an hour. Extended or severe exposure to carbon dioxide is lethal. Nitrogen oxides are irritants and can cause significant lung damage and even death.

Measuring Acid Gas

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