Dissolved Ozone Meters

Measure ozone dissolved in water.  We carry a wide variety of devices to measure dissolved ozone.  We have used and tested each of these devices and have exensive experience with each.  If you need help chooing the right meter for your application, call our ozone applications experts, we are glad to help.

Dissolved O3 Meter




K-7404 dissolved ozone meter, manual test kitK-7404

0 - 3.0 ppm

Low-cost, manual test kit to visually indicate ozone levels in water up to 3.0 ppm, color comparator method.



OZ-2 Dissolved ozone test kitOZ-2

0 - 2.3 ppm

Simple to use, low per test cost ozone test kit measure ozone in water up to 2.3 ppm, color comparator method.


I-2022 dissolved ozone test kitI-2022 0 - 0.75 ppm

Digital ozone test kit to measure ozone in water at low levels.  Great for accurate low-level ozone detection.



I-2019 Dissolved ozone test kit - digital handheld meterI-2019 0 - 5.0 ppm

 Digital ozone test kit to measure ozone in water.  Great for high level ozone measurement or Dissolved O3 meter calibration



DO3 Digital dissolved ozone meter - off-gas type


 0 - 5.0 ppm

Measure ozone in water up to 5.0 ppm with the off-gas method. 

Great for dirty water applications.


Inline dissolved ozone meter Q45HQ45H/64

0 - 200 ppb

0 - 2.00 ppm

0 - 20.00 ppm

0 - 200.0 ppm

Accurate  and cost effective inline dissolved ozone meter with LCD display and 4-20 mA output

(Same as Q46H without control functions)


AV88 Dissolved ozone meter displayAV88 Ozone
0-10 ppm Measure ozone directly in process with ozone probe capable of water pressures up to 65 PSIG


Inline dissolved ozone meter Q46HQ46H/64

0 - 200 ppb

0 - 2.00 ppm

0 - 20.00 ppm

0 - 200.0 ppm

Measure and control ozone process.  Dissolved ozone meter with 4-20 mA output, PID controller, 3 Relay outputs, and digital communications

(Same as Q45H but with 3 control functions listed)

Inline dissolved ozone meter Q46HQ46R ORP

mv readings

Measures ozone in water indirectly with ORP readings.  Great for low cost ozone control, or for use when water clarity is not suitable for dissolved O3 meters. $1,550


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