AV88 Ozone Monitor and Sensor Kit

Dissolved Ozone Meter, Measure ozone in water from 0-10 ppm directly inline at water pressures up to 65 PSI.  Integrated relays, and 4-20 mA output signals.

Ozone Information


The AquaSensors AV88 Ozone Meter will measure ozone directly in water in a process or piping system.  This sensor can be placed directly into a TEE in a piping system that is exposed to up to 65 PSI of pressure. 


AV88 Ozone Meter Features:

     -0-10.00 ppm range -Measure ozone accurately up to 10 ppm with 0.01 ppm resolution

     -High pressure sensor-Sensor capable of operating under pressure up to 65 PSI

     -Simple install in process - Sensor can be placed directly into a piping system with no flowcell required. 

     -Clear Display - Back-lit LCD display provides clear visibility in any lighting conditions


AV88 Ozone Meter Specifications:

Sensor Type  Polargraphic Sensor with replacement membrane cap
Range  0-10.00 ppm
Response Time  90% in 90 seconds
Accuracy  2% of full scale
Max Pressure  65 PSI
Resolution  0.01 ppm
Analog Output
 Two 4-20 mA outputs
Enclosure  Universal 1/4 DIN
Weight  0.5 lbs
Sensor Material  PEEK
Sensor Electrode Clark cell; gold cathode, silver anode, silver reference
Membrane cap  PFA Teflon
O-rings  Viton
Approvals  Meets CE requirements for heavy industrial use
Sensor Cable  10-feet standard, optional 20 or 30 foot cable lengths
Sample Temperature  0-50° C


  • All systems are supplied with one bottle of electrolyte solution

  • The AV88 Ozone Meter is not suitable for ozone measurements below 1.0 ppm with reasonable accuracy.  Either the AV88 or Q46H ozone monitors should be considered for these applications.



The AV88 Ozone Meter is mounted in a standard 1/4 DIN enclosure that is simple to install.  This meter can be panel mounted or wall mounted with minimal labor.  See image below for example of the AV88 Dissolved Ozone Meter installed on an ozone water system:

AV88 Dissolved ozone meter installed on ozone system

The AV88 Dissolved Ozone Sensor Probe can be installed directly into the piping of your ozone system with no flowcell or other equipment required.  A simple tee in a pipe will also suffice to install the AV88 Sensor Probe.  See image below for example of the AV88 Dissolved Ozone Probe installed:

AV88 Dissolved ozone sensor probe installed in piping




The AV88 Ozone Sensors must be calibrated on-site with the customers' water in process. As pressure and water flow will affect the calibration it is important to perform the calibration in the specific process the sensor will be used to measure ozone in.

Calibration frequency will depend upon ozone concentration in the water and water quality. Higher dissolved ozone levels will consume the electrolyte solution and membrane quality quicker than low levels of ozone. At ozone levels below 2.0 ppm we find the AV88 can maintain stable readings for 6-months at a time between calibrations. However, at ozone levels greater than 20 ppm calibration should be performed at least monthly and ozone levels greater than 100 ppm will require weekly or even daily calibration.

A bottle of electrolyte solution and a pack of 10 membranes is shipped with each AV88 Dissolved Ozone Meter.

Parts kit shipped with every Q46H dissolved ozone meter

Calibration should be performed with a colorimetric dissolved ozone test kit. Below are a few kits we suggest and the potential applications for each.


I-2019 SAM Dissolved Ozone Meter

Best for high level detection of ozone, direct read to 5.0 ppm

When measuring ozone levels above 0.75 the I-2019 dissolved ozone meter is the best option.  This is a digital handheld ozone meter using the DPD method of measuring ozone in water.  Simple manual grab-sample vacu-vials are used to indicate ozone levels in water.

The I-2019 will measure ozone in water directly up to 5.0 ppm (highest of any packaged ozone test kits) and can be diluted with the sample cup to read ozone levels up to 25 ppm with reasonable accuracy.

Dissolved ozone calibration kit I-2022 Dissolved ozone test kit for calibration


K-7404 Dissolved Ozone Kit

Low cost option to measure ozone from 0 - 3.0 ppm

The K-7404 kit is a lower cost, visual indication option for calibrating the dissolved ozone meters.  The same DPD measurement principle as the I-2019 test kit is used, with a simple color comparator to use to visually indicate ozone levels in water.  Two comparators are provided, one to indicate ozone levels from 0-0.6 ppm, and another with a range of 0.6 - 3.0 ppm. 

Ozone test kit for dissolved ozone meter calibration



More Information
Manufacturer ThermoFischer Scientific
Call For Price No
Gas Ozone (O3)
Listing Description

Measure ozone directly in process with ozone probe capable of water pressures up to 65 PSIG

4-20 mA Output Yes
Relays 2 Alarm Relays + 2 Control Relays
Voltage Output None
Power Requirements 12-30 VDC, 120 VAC or 220 VAC 50/60 hz. please specify desired voltage when ordering
Datalogging No
Warranty 1 Year
Range 0-10 ppm
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