Fixed Mounts

Fixed Mount Monitors
Product Sensor Range Integrated Relays Unit Features Price
D12-IR with integral sensor
D12Ex-IR Infrared Toxic Gas Transmitter

Gas Dependent

Yes -XP CLass-1, Div-1 Rated - 4-20 mA Output - Remote Sensor Options - Optonal Auto-Test - Digital Communications - Inferred Sensor Detection Method
As low as $1,725.00
Industrial Enclsoure for the S-500 to protect the sensor
Series 500 Monitor (S-500) in Enclosure

0-0.05 ppm

0-0.15 ppm

0-0.5 ppm

0-10 ppm


-Enclosure Protects from Elements

-Backlit LCD Display

-Integrated Datalogging

-Control and Alarm Relays

As low as $2,080.00