A12 Chlorine Dioxide Sensor 0-1000 ppb (00-1404)

A12 Smart Sensing Modules:

0-10 ppm Chlorine Dioxide Sensing Module.  Smart Sensing Module stores operational information, calibration constants, gas sensor identification and range, and software revision level.  This unit can quickly and easily be connected to the A12 UniSens Transmitter. 

Chlorine Dioxide Information


0-1000.0 ppm Chlorine Dioxide sensor

The Sensing Modules consist of an electrochemical gas sensor and solid state memory assembly.  This complete package comes in a convenient housing that can easily be connected to the A12 UniSens transmitter.  As these sensors come pre-calibrated, once the sensor is connect to the A12 the calibration constants upload to the base automatically. Each sensor can be calibrated to any range within the minimum or maximum range.  There is an additional $50 calibration fee for custom calibration.

This Sensing Module is compatible with the A12 Gas Transmitter.

Since the sensors are calibrated independently and simply plug into the A12, you can switch between the 28 different gases offered very quickly and efficiently.

Using the optional sensor keeper you can maintain the sensor in stable operating condition for up to 6 months while it's sitting on the shelf.

Chlorine Dioxide Information

More Information
Manufacturer ATI
Call For Price No
Gas Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2)
Sensor Type Electrochemical Cell
Accuracy ± 5% of value
Standard Range 0-1000 ppm
Monitor sensor fits A12
Sensitivity 1% of sensor module range
Operational Temperature Range -30º to +55ºC
Operational RH Range 0-95% Non-condensing
Warranty 1 Year
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