C16/D16 Calibration "T"

Calibration bypass T for the C16/D16. 

Part number: 00-1088


Bypass calibration T for the C16/D16 PortaSense detector.

Part number: 00-1088

When Supplying gas to the device from a pressurized source requires this bypass-T to be inserted between the source and the manifold (Figure below). This is required to limit gas pressure on the intake side of the sample pump when the source is open, and prevent the inlet from being blocked when the source is closed. The flow rate into the T must exceed the pump flow rate of 400cc/minute, or the calibration gas may become diluted. A flow rate of 500 cc/min into the T is recommended.

Bypass T for calibration

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Manufacturer ATI
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Calibration bypass T for the C16/D16

Sku: 00-1088

Warranty 1 Year
Monitor Type C16, D16
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