K-4605C Formaldehyde

K-4605C Formaldehyde VACUettes Kit was designed to measure Formaldehyde levels from 0-1200 ppm and 1200-12,000 ppm

Formaldehyde Information


The K-4605C Formaldehyde Kit was designed to accurately measure the levels of Formaldehyde in water from 0-1200 ppm and 1200-12,000 ppm. K-4605C uses the Purpald Method. Purpald® is subject to fewer interferences than Schiff's reagent or chromotropic acid procedures. A purple-colored complex is formed when Purpald in alkaline solution reacts with formaldehyde. Results are expressed as ppm (mg/L) CH2O.

Shelf-life of the Purpald Reagent: five months. We recommend stocking quantities that will be used within four months.

R-4605C Refill Package includes 30 tests and can be purchased separately.

What's included:

  • 30 Ampoules
  • Comparators (Low and High Range)
  • Activator Solutions
  • Dilutor Snapper Cup and lid
  • Micro-Test Tube
  • Instruction Manual


 How to use:

  1. Fill the micro-test tube halfway with water sample
  2. Add 7 drops of A-4201 Activator Solution to empty Dilutor Snapper Cup
  3. Fill to the dilutor snapper cup to the specific mark with distilled water.Fill the sample cup to 25ml 

  4. Add 5 drops of A-4202 Activator Solution to the dilutor snapper cup. Shake well.
  5. Ensure the VACUette tip is firmly attached to ampoule tip. Holding the VACUette horizontally, touch the tip to the contents of the micro-test tube.
  6. Place the VACUette between the vertical tip guides on the inside of the dilutor snapper cup. Snap the ampoule tip.
  7. Mix ampoule by inverting several timesTip the vacu-vial back and forth to mix
  8. Dry the ampoule, and wait 12 minutes for color development.
    Dry vacu-vial and then insert into the I-2019
  9. Obtain results by placing ampoule between color standards until best color match is found. 


K-4605A-D Instructions

Formaldehyde Tech Sheet

Formaldehyde Information


More Information
Manufacturer CHEMetrics
Call For Price No
Gas Formaldehyde (CH2O)
4-20 mA Output No
Voltage Output None
Power Requirements 4 AAA Batteries
Datalogging No
Warranty 1 Year
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