Molybdate Information



Other Names

Molybdate Ion

Chemical Formula


CAS Number

14797 – 55 – 8

Industry Uses

Corrosion inhibitor

Health Risks


What is Molybdate?

Molybdate is used throughout the industrial water treatment and power generation industries as a corrosion inhibitor in open and closed-loop cooling water systems. In solution, molybdate ions complex with oxidized iron to form a protective film of molybdate and ferric-oxide. Molydate is an effective, environmentally acceptable alternative to chromate treatment.

Molybdate Exposure and Health Risks

Unlike many other transition elements, it exhibits low or even negligible toxicity.


There are no listed regulations or restrictions for the concentration of Molybdate in water. 

Measuring Molybdate

Dissolved Molybdate concentration in water can be measured in units of parts per million (ppm). We carry instrumental kits from CHEMetrics that determine Molybdate levels in water. We carry kits that measure molybdate levels ranging from 0-7 ppm to 20-200 ppm. All of our molybdate products can be viewed HERE.

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