OXM-12L Oxygen Purity Meter

Inline oxygen analyzer measures oxygen purity from 0-100% at flows up to 12 SCFH.  Perfect for verifying oxygen purity from your oxygen generator real-time.  Max O2 pressure rating of 30 PSI, calibrated for use at atmospheric pressure.

Oxygen Information

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The OXM-12L is designed to verify oxygen purity from your oxygen generator real-time from 0-100%.  Oxygen flow rate up to 12 SCFH. Simply mount this unit next to your oxygen generator and plumb your oxygen to flow through this unit before it enters your Ozone Generator to verify the oxygen purity. This unit has indicator lights for the oxygen purity level and has relay alarms when the oxygen purity is low.

The principle of operation uses ultrasound technology to measure oxygen purity.  The speed of the ultrasound varies with the oxygen purity and temperature.  This unit measures oxygen purity by ultrasound transit time and corrects this value for temperature.  This allows a reliable and consistent oxygen purity measurement with no sensor to replace.

The OXM-12L can be used as an inline oxygen meter either passing the full flow of the oxygen concentrator through this device, or a by-pass flow. 

The most important factor in your ozone systems reliability is the feed-gas quality provided to your ozone generator.  If the oxygen purity is kept above 85%, and this is a clean, dry stream your ozone generator will require less maintenance and offer many years of reliable operation.  The cost of an inline oxygen monitor is a very reasonable insurance in your complete system, and may pay for itself many times over.


Indicator Lights for Oxygen Purity:

- Green = above 85%

- Yellow = 75% - 85%

- Red = below 75%



- Flow up to 12 SCFH (6 LPM) oxygen

- Rated burst pressure 30 PSI

- Relay alarm for low oxygen purity

- Analog or digital output

- Optional LCD display

- Optional remote monitoring (wireless monitoring & data logging kit)

- Optional visual strobe light

- Optional audible alarm

- Calibrated at atmospheric pressure (can be calibrated for up to 25 PSI upon request).


Installation Diagrams:

The OXM-12L Oxygen Purity Meter can be installed as an inline meter, or in a by-pass line.  This will allow either the full flow of your oxygen meter to pass directly through the meter, or a smaller by-pass flow.  In either configuration there is no venting, or wasting of oxygen gas into the room.  See diagrams below for details on install options.

 OXM-12L Oxygen purity meter install diagram with inline flow

OXM-12L Oxygen purity meter install diagram with by-pass flow



Various optional equipment is available for the OXM-12L.  See details below for information.

Strobe Light:

An optional strobe light can be installed on the unit as a virtual indicator when oxygen purity is below 75% (custom set-points available).  The strobe will be integrated on the enclosure and be wired and ready for operation.

Audible Alarm:

An optional audible alarm can be installed on the unit to alert when oxygen purity is below 75% (custom set-points available).  

LCD Display:

An LCD display can be integrated on the enclosure to display exact oxygen purity levels

Oxygen Purity Meter that can measure 0-100% oxygen

Wireless Monitoring & Data Logging Kit:

Use the Wireless Monitoring & Data logging Kit with your fixed mount monitor to connect it to the internet allowing access from anywhere. Receive Instant notifications with free text and email alerts. This is a great addition to your fixed mount gas detector.

 Use this kit to connect your Fixed mount gas detector to the internet allowing remote access from anywhere.




OXM Oxygen Purity Meter Brochure

Oxygen Information 

More Information
Manufacturer Oxidation Technologies
Call For Price No
Operating Pressure 0 - 30 PSI
Max Pressure 30 PSI
Gas Connections 1/4" Female NPT
Dimensions (LxWxH) 7" wide x 3.5" tall x 3.5" deep
Operational Temperature Range 35 - 105-deg F
Power Requirements 120 Vac
Lead Time 4 days
Warranty 1 Year
Country of Origin USA
Audible Alarm Optional
Calibration Annually
Sensor Life 2 Years
Range 0-100% (O2 Purity)
Unit Features

-Flows up to 12 SCFH

-Pressure Up To 30 PSI

-Optional LCD Display

-Optional remote monitoring (wireless monitoring & data logging kit)

Sensor Range

0-100% (O2 Purity)

Sensor Range

0-100% (O2 Purity)

Integrated Relays Yes
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