PPM Hydrogen Calibration Kit Small - 17L

PPM Hydrogen Calibration Kit (CalKit-Hydrogen-ppm-small) - 1000ppm H2

Hydrogen Information


This Calibration Kit can be used to calibrate your hydrogen sensor at 1000 ppm  If you need to calibrate your carbon monoxide sensor to a different range (ppm), please contact us. The Gas cylinder is a 17 Liter container and is NIST traceable.  We do offer a larger 103 Liter cylinder of 1000 ppm Hydrogen.


Calibration Kit comes inside a portable carrying case with the following:

     -1000 ppm Hydrogen Cylinder 17L

     -Zero air cylinder 17L

     -Regulator, 0.5 LPM

     -2 foot length of tubing

Calibration Kit comes with gas cylinder, zero air cylinder, regulator, handy carrying case & shoulder strap


When ordering you will need to specify which calibration adapter you need based on the Monitor you will be calibrating.

Hydrogen Information

More Information
Manufacturer Gas Cylinders
Call For Price No
Gas Hydrogen (H2)
Monitor Type A14/A11, B12, C16, D12, F12, S-200, S-300, S-500, S930, S940
Range 1000ppm
Standard Range 1000ppm
Warranty 1 Year
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