DL-C3 Communication Cables

Data logging cable bundle and 3rd party software for RS-232 transmitting when using the SM-6 or SM-7 sensor modules as stand-along products


The DL-C3: RS-232 Communication Cable Bundle includes all the cables required to transmit data from your Eco Sensors digital instrument to a computer. The bundle includes a custom RS-232 Serial Data Cable and a USB-to-Serial Adapter. A multipurpose 2 GB USB drive includes all the required drivers as well as 3rd-party data logging software.

Software Setup:

 -Connect Eco Sensors USB drive to Windows XP, Windows 7, or Apple OS X computer.

 -Install drivers for the 3rd Party USB-to-Serial Adapter: 

   -Open the USB drive and open the folder “USB-to-Serial Adapter Drivers”.


      Open the folder “Windows Drivers”.

      Double click “PL2303_Prolific_DriverInstaller_v1.7.0” to run the installer.


      Open the folder “Apple Drivers”.

      Double click “PL2303_1.4.0” to run the installer.

   -Follow the on-screen instructions.

RS-232-data-cableHardware Setup (Shown for OS-6):

     -Disconnect power from the instrument

     -Connect the Serial Data Cable to the instrument by attaching the ground wire (black) to the instrument connector labeled GND and the data wire (red) to the instrument connector labeled DATA, as indicated in the figure.

     -Connect the serial data cable to the USB-to-Serial adapter.

     -Connect the USB-to-Serial adapter to the computer

     -Connect power to the instrument

More Information
Manufacturer Eco Sensors
Call For Price No
Warranty 1 Year
Monitor Type SM-6, SM-7
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