EZ-1X Ozone Detector

The EZ-1X is a low-cost handheld and fixed ozone detector that measures ozone from 0.02-0.14 ppm.  Perfect for measuring ozone in the OSHA levels.  The EZ-1X has a small size that fits in your hand and operates off a battery, or AC power.

Uses an easy to read Multicolor bar graph display (red at .1 ppm).

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The EZ-1Z Handheld Ozone Detector is a great ozone monitor to measure ambient ozone levels up to 0.14 ppm.  Using clear and easy to see LED bars to indicate ozone levels, the EZ-1X will measure ozone from 0 - 0.14 ppm in 0.02 ppm increments.  

The EZ-1X is battery powered and can be used as a portable handheld device.  Great to measure ambient ozone levels for safety applications where ozone levels up to 0.14 ppm need to be measured.  The OSHA 8-hour TWA exposure limit is 0.1 ppm, therefore this is the perfect monitor to use for low-level ozone measurements near the OSHA safety levels.

The EZ-1X has a fast and continuous response. It is rugged and versatile. There are no excess controls to mess with of cause confusion.

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     -Constantly monitors your work environment. Ozone concentration shown by a multicolored graphical display from green (safe) to yellow (caution) to red (danger).

     -No installation required. Easily understood by non-technical personnel.

     -Fieldwork and walk around analysis possible via power from internal rechargeable batteries.

     -Compatible with other Eco Sensors VOC and ozone sensing, monitoring, and control products.

     -Lowest cost.



     -Range: .02-.14 ppm of ozone

     -Bargraph Display: Normally green. Yellow at .05 ppm (caution). Red at .1 ppm (danger).

     -Response time: Within 10s of seconds of the ozone reaching the sensor.

     -Measurement Principle: HMOS (heated metal oxide semiconductor) sensor.

     -Size: 85 × 35 × 60 mm (3.25 × 1.375 × 2.375 in).

     -Weight: 154 gr (6 oz).

     -Power Requirements: 12-24 VDC at 300 mA. AC adapters available worldwide.

     -Battery: Self-contained NiMH. Approximately 8 hour capacity. Recharged by AC adapter overnight.

     -Calibration: Calibrate annualy and replace your EZ-1X when the sensor fails (Sensor Life: approx. 2 years)



     -EZ-1X Ozone Sensor User Manual

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EZ-1X Introduction Video:

More Information
Manufacturer Eco Sensors
Quickbooks Stock Level 7.000000
Call For Price No
Gas Ozone (O3)
Sampling Method Fan
Field Replaceable Battery Yes
Warranty 1 Year
Audible Alarm No
Calibration Annually
Sensor Life 2 Years
Range 0-0.14 ppm
Unit Features

- Low Cost

- Easy to Use

- Simple Display

Sensor Range

0-0.14 ppm

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