High Hydrocarbon Gas Sensor

High Hydrocarbon Gas Sensor for the D12-IR. (00-1376)

Hydrocarbon Information


This High-range Hydrocarbon (HHC) sensor has a range of 0-100%VOL and is designed to monitor high concentrations of hydrocarbon gas in locations where high concentrations are likely to exist normally, and usually above the UEL of the respective gas. Gases listed in this sensor’s table include Propane, n-Butane, and LPG. Each gas must be span calibrated at the factory to permit its selection in the field. This sensor is not recommended for Methane, and is not recommended for monitoring concentrations at or below the LEL of any gas.

High Range Hydrocarbon sensor target gas settings for the D-12IR

Hydrocarbon Information

More Information
Manufacturer ATI
Call For Price No
Gas Hydrocarbon (HC)
Sensor Type GSS (Gas Sensitive Semiconductor)
Accuracy .
Standard Range 0-100%vol
Monitor sensor fits D12-IR
Warranty 1 Year
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