I-2002 Oxygen

Dissolved Oxygen SAM Kit

Measure oxygen 0-15.0ppm and has a digital LED readout

Oxygen Information

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The I-2002 Dissolved Oxygen Meter is designed for accurately and quickly measuring oxygen in water levels from 0 - 15.0 ppm. 

The level of dissolved oxygen in natural waters is often a direct indication of quality, since aquatic plants produce oxygen, while microorganisms generally consume it as they feed on pollutants. At low temperatures the solubility of oxygen is increased; during summer, saturation levels can be as low as 4 ppm. Dissolved oxygen (D.O.) is essential for the support of fish and other aquatic life and aids in the natural decomposition of organic matter. Waste treatment plants that employ aerobic digestion must maintain a level of at least 2 ppm dissolved oxygen.

At elevated temperatures, oxygen is highly corrosive to metals, causing pitting in ferrous systems such as high-pressure boilers and deep well oil recovery equipment. To prevent costly corrosion damage, the liquids in contact with the metal surfaces must be treated, usually by a combination of physical and chemical means. Deaeration can reduce the dissolved oxygen concentration of boiler feedwater from several ppm to a few ppb. Chemical reducing agents such as hydrazine, DEHA, or sodium sulfite, may be used instead of or in conjunction with deaeration.


Test kits for environmental and drinking water applications (ppm range) employ the indigo carmine method. The reduced form of indigo carmine reacts with D.O. to form a blue product. The indigo carmine methodology is not subject to interferences from temperature, salinity, or dissolved gases such as sulfide, which plague users of D.O. meters. Results are expressed as ppm (mg/L) O2. This device has LED display for precise and accurate readout and is easy to use.  Once the I-2001 has been purchased the cost per test is only $1.02.





What's Included:

     -SAM Photometer (I-2001)

     -K-7513 Oxygen Vacu-vials

     -A-2500 Activator Solution

     -A blank/zero ampoule

     -25 mL sample cup

     -4 AAA batteries for operation

     -Screwdriver for installing/replacing batteries

     -Instruction manual

     -Carrying case to hold device & accessories


How to Use:

Before beginning the test, the I-2001 must be set to zero. Press the power key to turn on the device. The display will show "O2". Insert the ZERO ampule supplied with the Vacu-vials kit flat end first into the sample cell compartment. Place the light shield over the ZERO ampoule and press the zero/test key. The "O2" symbol will flash for approximately 8 seconds, then the display will show "0.0.0". Follow the test procedure in the Oxygen Vacu-vials kit also shown below.

1. Fill the sample cup to the 25 mL mark with the sample to be tested. 2. Place the Vacu-vial ampoule tip-first into the sample cup. Snap the tip and the ampoule will automatically fill.
3.To mix the ampoule, tilt it from side to side, allowing the bubble to travel from end to end. 4. Dry the ampoule
5. Wait 2 minutes for color development. 6. Insert the Vacu-vial ampoule into the photometer, flat end first, and obtain a reading in ppm.



I-2001 Instructions

Safety Data Sheet

K-2513/K-2523 Instructions

Chlorine Information


More Information
Manufacturer CHEMetrics
Quickbooks Stock Level 0.000000
Call For Price No
Gas Oxygen (O2)
4-20 mA Output No
Voltage Output None
Power Requirements 4 AAA Batteries
Datalogging No
Warranty 1 Year
Method Indigo Carmine
Range 0-15.0 ppm
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