GasAlert Extreme ETO (C2H4O) 0-100 ppm (GAXT-E-DL)

A durable, reliable gas detector, the GasAlert Extreme series by BW Technologies provide portable, single-gas monitors that are ideal for personnel that need to monitor the air quality of their environment. They are rugged enough for continuous use, but small enough to stay out of the employee's way. The long run-time of the field-replaceable battery, and the ability to replace and calibrate the sensor on-site (with MicroDock II Test and Calibration accessory) decrease downtime that you may experience with other brands. The user-configurable settings (including language, alarm mode, calibration timer, and more) make the Gas Alert Extreme perfect for use in many industries and applications.

GAXT-E-DL has been replaced with theBW Solo C2H4O - CLICK HERE

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GAXT-E-DL has been replaced with the BW Solo C2H4O - CLICK HERE

0-100 ppm Ethylene Oxide (ETO - C2H4O) Monitor with a 0.1 ppm resolution.

Along with the benefits and abilities mentioned above, the Gas Alert Extreme also inherits many of the features that you have come to expect as standards from BW:

  • Real-time gas concentrations via continuous LCD
  • Comfortable to wear due to its compact and lightweight design
  • Water Resistant
  • Simple, automatic calibration when combined with the MicroDock II Test and Calibration accessory
  • Self-Tests on boot up for full-functionality (see table below)
  • Bright wide-angled visual alarm bars
  • Built-in concussion-proof boot


In addition, features of the GasAlert Extreme monitor family include:

  • Vibrating alarm in addition to audible/visual alarms
  • Internal datalogging
  • Built-in languages include:  English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese
  • Passcode protection to prevent tampering


GasAlert Extreme Standard Specifications

  Tests   Sensor integrity, circuitry, battery and audible/visual alarms on activation.  Battery (continuous)

  Compatible with the Sampler motorized pump.

  Typical Battery
  1.5 year battery life (typical) with replaceable 3V battery.
  User Options
  •  Confidence Beep
  •  Latching Alarms
  •  Stealth Mode
  •  Passcode Protection
  •  Automatic O2 Calibration
  •  Automatic Backlight
  •  User-settable calibration gas level
  •  Calibration Past Due lockout
  •  Language choices (five)
  Ratings   EMI / RFI:  Complies with EMC Directive 89/336/EEC  IP 66/67
  Certifications and  

  UL:  Class I,  DIv. 1, Gr. A, B, C, D
  UL:  Class II, Div. 1, Gr. E, F, G

  American Bureau of Shipping

  ATEX:  CE II  1  G  T4

  IECEx:  Ex ia IIC T4
  IECEx:  Ex ia IIC T4

  CE  (European Conformity) 

  Warranty Full two year warranty including sensors (One year NH3, Cl2, ETO, ClO2 sensors)



GAXT Specification Sheet

GAXT Manual


More Information
Manufacturer Honeywell / BWT
Call For Price No
Gas Ethylene Oxide (ETO)
Sensor Type Electrochemical Cell
Operational Temperature Range -4 to +122 F / -20 to +50 C
Operational RH Range 15 - 90 % (non-condensing)
Weight 2.9 oz / 82 g
Dimensions 1.1 x 2.0 x 3.75 inches
Alarms Visual, Vibrating, Audible (95 dB) for Low, High, STEL, TWA
Datalogging Yes
Datalogging Note Datalogging requires accessory
Field Replaceable Sensor Yes
Field Replaceable Battery Yes
Warranty 1 Year
Range 0-100 ppm
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