K-2504B Chlorine

Dissolved Chlorine Testing Visual Kit

Measure chlorine 0-100ppm & 0-500ppm

Replacement ampoules for the K-2504B Test Kit can be found here.

Chlorine Information

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Why Choose CHEMetrics Vacuettes kits?

VACUettes ampoules are designed for highly concentrated samples. They employ a patented auto-dilution feature that eliminates the need for a time-consuming and error-prone preliminary dilution. As a result, the entire test takes only 2 to 3 minutes, with a rate of accuracy comparable to a volumetric procedure. The basic design of these 7 mm ampoules is the same as CHEMets ampoules, however, a capillary tip is attached to the tip of each ampoule.

Safe and Reliable Results:

While traditional methods often require multiple steps and thorough preparation, these test kits allow you to obtain dependable results with a few simple steps. By simplifying the testing method, Vacuettes test kits reduce the potential for operator error. Additionally, each of the ampoules contained in the test kits is vacuum sealed which helps eliminate the problem of obtaining inaccurate results from stale or unstable reagents. These reagents are stored right in the tip of each ampoule and sealed in glass, thereby minimizing direct contact with the chemicals.

What's Included:

     -30 self-filling Ampoules


     -Activator Solution

     -25mL sample cup

     -200 uL minipet

     -Instruction Manual



The K-2504B CHEMets Visual Kit is a visual indicator kit for measuring chlorine in water levels from 0-100 and 0-500ppm.  This device uses the DPD Method for testing. Free chlorine oxidizes DPD (N,N-diethyl-p-phenylenediamine) to form a pink colored species in direct proportion to the chlorine concentration. Total chlorine, the sum of free and combined chlorine, is determined by adding an excess of potassium iodide to the sample. Chloramines (combined chlorine) oxidize the iodide to iodine. The iodine then oxidizes DPD to the pink colored species. Other halogens, ozone, and halogenating agents will produce high test results. Chlorine at concentrations significantly above the test range may prevent proper color development, causing low test results.


1. Place the yellow pipette tip firmly onto the end of the minipet. 2. Depress the plunger on the minipet.
Immerse the tip in the sample to be tested
and release the plunger. A portion of the
sample will be drawn into the tip.
3. Hold the minipet over the sample cup, and
depress the plunger to dispense sample.
4. Dilute the contents of the sample cup to
the 20 mL mark with distilled water.
5. Place the ampoule, tip first, into the sample cup. Snap the tip. The ampoule will fill automatically. 6. To mix the ampoule, invert it several times,
allowing the bubble to travel from end to end. Dry the ampoule. Obtain the test result 1 minute after snapping the tip.
7. Place the ampoule into the center of the round comparator and hold it toward a source of light, viewing from the bottom. Rotate the comparator until the color below the ampoule shows the closest match. 8. For higher concentrations, use flat comparator. Place the ampoule between the color standards, moving it along the comparator until you can determine the closest match.

For more detailed instructions, see the link at the bottom of the page.

More CHEMetrics Kits for Chlorine:

Product Number Method   Range
K2523 DPD (free)   0-5.0ppm
K2513 DPD (free and total)   0-5.0ppm
Chemets Kits
Product Number Method MDL Range
K2511 DDPD (free & total) 0.04 ppm 0-0.20 ppm
K2504 DPD (free & total) 0.05 ppm 0-1 & 0-5 ppm
Product Number Method MDL Range
K2504D DPD (free & total) 2.5 ppm 0-25 & 0-125 ppm
K2504A DPD (free & total) 5 ppm 0-50 & 0-250 ppm
K2504B DPD (free & total) 10 ppm 0-100 & 0-500 ppm
K2504C DPD (free & total) 40 ppm 0-400 & 0-2000 ppm



K-2500A/R2504 Instructions

Safety Data Sheet

Chlorine Information


More Information
Manufacturer CHEMetrics
Quickbooks Stock Level 0.000000
Call For Price No
Gas Chlorine (Cl2)
4-20 mA Output No
Voltage Output None
Power Requirements None
Datalogging No
Warranty 1 Year
Range 0-100ppm & 0-500ppm
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