K-7904B Peracetic Acid

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K-7904B Peracetic Acid Kit was designed to obtain Peracetic Acid levels from 0-130 ppm and 0-600 ppm

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Peracetic Acid Information

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Why Choose CHEMetrics Vacuettes kits?

VACUettes ampoules are designed for highly concentrated samples. They employ a patented auto-dilution feature that eliminates the need for a time-consuming and error-prone preliminary dilution. As a result, the entire test takes only 2 to 3 minutes, with a rate of accuracy comparable to a volumetric procedure. The basic design of these 7 mm ampoules is the same as CHEMets ampoules, however, a capillary tip is attached to the tip of each ampoule.

Safe and Reliable Results:

While traditional methods often require multiple steps and thorough preparation, these test kits allow you to obtain dependable results with a few simple steps. By simplifying the testing method, Vacuettes test kits reduce the potential for operator error. Additionally, each of the ampoules contained in the test kits is vacuum sealed which helps eliminate the problem of obtaining inaccurate results from stale or unstable reagents. These reagents are stored right in the tip of each ampoule and sealed in glass, thereby minimizing direct contact with the chemicals.

What's Included:

     -30 self-filling Ampoules


     -Diluter snapper cup

     -Activator Solution

     -Micro test tube

     -Instruction Manual



The K-7904B Peracetic Acid Kit was designed to accurately measure the levels of Peracetic Acid in water from 0-130 ppm and 0-600 ppm. K-7904B uses the DPD Method, in which the sample is treated with an excess of potassium iodide. Peracetic acid oxidizes the iodide to iodine. The iodine then oxidizes DPD (N, N-diethyl-p-phenylenediamine) to form a pink-colored species that is directly proportional to the peracetic acid concentration in the sample. Results are expressed as ppm (mg/L) peracetic acid. 

Various oxidizing agents such as halogens, ozone, and cupric ions will produce high test results. Hydrogen peroxide does not interfere if present at levels comparable to the peracetic acid levels.


1. Add 5 drops of Activator Solution to the empty snapper cup. Fill the diluter snapper cup to the -ml- mark with distilled water. 2. Fill the micro-test tube approximately halfway with the sample to be tested.
3. Holding the VACUette almost horizontally,
touch the tip to the contents of the micro-test
4. Place the VACUette between the vertical tip
guides on the inside of the dilutor snapper
cup and snap the ampoule tip. 
5.To mix the ampoule, invert it several times,
allowing the bubble to travel from end to end.
6. Dry the ampoule. Obtain the test result 1 minute after snapping the tip.
7. Place the ampoule into the center of the round comparator and hold it toward a source of light, viewing from the bottom. Rotate the comparator until the color below the ampoule shows the closest match. 8. For higher concentrations, use flat comparator. Place the ampoule between the color standards, moving it along the comparator until you can determine the closest match.

For more detailed instructions, see the link at the bottom of the page.

More CHEMetrics Kits for Peracetic Acid:

Product Number Method   Range
I2020 DPD   0-5.0 ppm
K1913 DPD   0-5.0 ppm
Chemets Kits
Product Number Method MDL Range
K7904 DPD 0.05ppm 0-1 & 0-5 ppm
Product Number Method MDL Range
K7904A DPD 7 ppm 0-70 & 0-300 ppm
K7904B DPD 15 ppm 0-130 & 0-600 ppm
K7904C DPD 120 ppm 0-1200 & 0-6000 ppm
K7909D DPD 3 ppm 0-30 & 0-150 ppm



K-7904A Instructions

Safety Data Sheet

Peracetic Acid Tech Sheet

Peracetic Acid Information


More Information
Manufacturer CHEMetrics
Call For Price No
Gas Peracetic Acid
4-20 mA Output No
Voltage Output None
Power Requirements 4 AAA Batteries
Datalogging No
Warranty 1 Year
Range 0-130 ppm and 0-600 ppm
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