UV-106-W Aqueous Ozone Monitor

UV-106-W Aqueous Ozone Monitor will measure dissolved ozone in water from 0-100 ppm with 0.1ppm resolution.  Ozone is measured by sparging ~2 mL of water and integrating the gas-phase concentration of ozone stripped from solution with high precision and accuracy.

Ozone Information


The UV-106-W is an Aqueous Ozone Monitor to measure dissolved ozone in water with high precision and accuracy.  For testing, dissolved ozone is measured by sparing ~2 Ml of water with ozone-scrubbed ambient air and integrating the gas phase concentration of ozone stripped from solution.  Because ozone is measured in the gas phase, interferences from particles and dissolved inorganic and organic compounds are removed, allow you to use this instrument in both ultrapure and "dirty" water applications.

Ozone levels are measured at 0-100 ppm with a resolution of 0.1ppm.  The sample water flow range can be 50-1,000 mL/minute and has analog and digital outputs.



  • Interference free measurement of dissolved ozone in ultrapure or "dirty" water
  • NEMA water-proof housing
  • Records measurement every 10 seconds
  • Internal data logger logs 16,383 lines of data
  • Precision and accuracy of 0.05 ppm or 1% of reading
  • Both serial and user-scalable analog outputs (0-2.5V and 4-20mA)
  • Selectable data averaging times of 10 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, and 1 hour
  • LED alarms

Schematic Diagram

 Schematic Diagram showing how to install the UV-106-W in your water process


System Includes

  • UV-106-W Aqueous Ozone Monitor
  • UV-106-W Cable Assembly
  • AC Power Adapter (100-240 VAC to 12 VDC, 5 amps)
  • Pressure Reduction Needle Valve Assembly
  • Serial Cable (9-pin F to 9-pin F)
  • Serial-to-USB Converter and Gender Changer
  • Operation Manual on USB Stick
  • Calibration Data and Certificate
  • Instrument Birth Certificate
  • One-Year Warranty



Measurement Principle
(Absolute Method)
Integrated UV Absorbance of Ozone Sparged from ~2 mL of Water Sample
 Applications  Ozone in Clean or “Dirty” Water
 Ozone Concentration Range  0-100 ppm (g/m3, μg/mL)
 Precision  Greater of 0.05 ppm or 1% of Reading
 Accuracy  Greater of 0.05 ppm or 1% of Reading
 Zero Drift  < 0.05 ppm per month
 Measurement Frequency  10 s
 Response Time  20 s
 Averaging Times  10 s, 1 min, 5 min, 1 hr
 Ozone Units Displayed  ppm, μg/mL, mg/L, g/m3, ppb
 Power Requirements  11-14 V DC, 1.7 A at 12 V, 20.4 watts (1.75 A, 21 watts with optional Cleaning System)
 Average Sample Water Flow Rate  300 cc/min
 Pressure Range  0-50 psi (>100 psi Burst Pressure)
 Housing  NEMA
 Relays (2 in Optional Breakout Box)  0.1 ppm Resolution, 2-Level, SPDT Dry Contacts
 Analog Outputs  4-20 mA, 0-2.5 V (2 point scalable)
 Digital Outputs  LCD, RS232, USB
 Logging  Internal Data Logger, 16,383 lines (10 s avg. = 1.9 days; 5 min avg = 57 days)
 LED Alarms  Low Lamp, Low Flow, Invalid Measurement
 Dimensions  13.3 x 12.0 x 7.3 in (33.8 x 30.5 x 18.5 cm) (h x w x d)
 Weight  15.1 lb (6.8 kg)




UV-106-W Brochure

UV-106-W Manual

Ozone Information

More Information
Manufacturer 2B Technologies
Call For Price No
Gas Ozone (O3)
Range 0-100 ppm
Resolution 0.1 ppm
Response Time 20 seconds
Sensor type UV Analzyer
Sampling Method Fan
Alarms Relays
Power Requirements 11-14 VDC, 1.7A at 12V, 20.4 watts
Field Replaceable Battery No
Warranty 1 Year
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