Wildfire Smoke Monitoring Kit

The Wildfire Smoke Monitoring Kit (with the Aeroqual Series 300) allows portable monitoring and controls in a single package. When stationary, the Series 300 has relays and voltage outputs that can interface with your dataloggers or control systems. When on the move, the rechargeable battery gives you hours of safety monitoring that you can take with you.


Wildfire Smoke Monitoring Kit

The Wildfire Smoke Monitoring Kit is for employers, health and safety managers, and air quality professionals, who need to monitor the concentration of airborne particles emitted by wildfire smoke – in accordance with Cal/OSHA section 5141.1, Protection from Wildfire Smoke or other similar regulations

The kit includes the following sensors: particulate matter (PM) sensor (PM2.5 /PM10), and a combined temperature and relative humidity sensor.

What makes Aeroqual different is the attention to data quality that we design in to all our instruments. Combined with the Series 300 monitor the PM sensor offers the following benefits:

          -Active precision active sampling 

          -Fast T90 response time 

          -Humidity compensation 

          -K factor adjustment 

Together, these features allow the PM sensor head to deliver surprisingly accurate real-time data when compared to instruments that cost 20-30 times more. In head to head field tests with traditional EPA-approved analyzers, the PM sensor has shown r2 correlations of 0.84 (PM2.5 ) and 0.81 (PM10).

In addition to wildfire smoke, responsible employers may wish to monitor other pollutants of interest. For example, ozone, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide. The Kit can be expanded to measure up to 27 other pollutants that may be putting workers at risk.


          -Fits comfortably in the hand

          -Audible alarm functionality

          -Remote sensor capability

          -Long life lithium battery technology

          -Zero and span calibrate in the field

What's Included:

          -Series 300 Monitor Base including: LCD digitial display, Lithium battery and charger

          -Particulate Matter Sensor PM10/PM2.5

          -Temperature & Humidity Sensor

          -Standard Carry Case

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More Information
Manufacturer Aeroqual
Call For Price No
4-20 mA Output No
Field Replaceable Sensor No
Min, Max, Avg No
Voltage Output None
Datalogging No
Rechargeable Yes
Field Replaceable Battery Yes
Warranty 1 Year
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