Aeroqual R10 Remote Sensor Head Adapter

The Aeroqual R10 Remote Sensor Head Adapter lets you measure gases in one area, while you remain safely in another. The sensor head can be placed up to 46ft (14m) away or in another room - all you need is a cable connecting it to the base!
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With the R10 Remote Sensor Head Adapter, you can measure gas levels in a test chamber or another room while you remain a safe distance away with the monitor base - taking readings and controlling the monitor. It is compatible with any sensor head that you can use on the Series 200, 300, 305, 500 and 505 handheld monitors.

Usage is simple - install your sensor head into the R10, install the communication head (provided with the R10) into your handheld, and connect the communication head to the R10 with the provided cable. All of your monitor functionality remains the same!

Enclosure Rating:   IP20 & NEMA1 Equivalent
Enclosure Size:   2.5 in. H x 5.125" Dia.


Compatible with the following Aeroqual products:

     -Series 500, 300 and 200 portable monitors

     -Series 900 and 930 fixed monitors.


The Remote Sensor Kit is designed for applications where the sensor needs to be separate from the monitor base. Benefits include:

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Manufacturer Aeroqual
Quickbooks Stock Level 1.000000
Call For Price No
Warranty 1 Year
Monitor Type S-200, S-300, S-500, S-900, S930
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