K-7513 Oxygen

Dissolved Oxygen Testing Vacu-vials - Measure oxygen 0-15.0ppm

*Use with the I-2002

Oxygen Information


The K-7513 is a kit that contains the pieces needed to perform 30 tests of dissolved oxygen level.  K-7513 Vacu-vials are used with the I-2002 Dissolved Oxygen Meter which gives the digital readout of the ppm (mg/L) of oxygen.  The K-7513 comes in a nice box that can easily be stored in the carrying case for the I-2002.

The cost per test is only $1.07

The I-2002 Dissolved Oxygen Meter is designed for accurately and quickly measuring oxygen in water levels from 0 - 15.0 ppm.  This device uses the Indigo Carmine Method for testing.  In an acidic solution, oxygen oxidizes the yellow-green colored leuco form of indigo carmine to form a highly colored blue dye. The resulting blue color is proportional to the dissolved oxygen concentration in the sample. The results are displayed on the monitor in ppm (mg/L) Oxygen present.

What's included:

  • K-7513 Oxygen Vacu-vials (30 test)
  • A blank/zero ampoule
  • 25 mL sample cup
  • Instruction manual


How to use the I-2002 and K-7513:

  1. The I-2002 must be turned on.
  2. Put the Zero ampoule into the device and cover with the light shield piece to zero out the unit. (NOTE: This must be zeroed any time the unit is turned off and turned back on)
  3. To test, fill the 25 mL sample cup with your sample water.Fill the sample cup to 25ml
  4. Snap the end of the Vacu-vial in the water on the bottom/side of the 25 mL sample cup.Snap the tip of the ampoule on the bottom and side of the sample cup
  5. Mix the contents of the ampoule by tipping back and forth a few times.Tip the vacu-vial back and forth to mix
  6. Dry the vacu-vial and wait 2 minutes for color development.Dry vacu-vial and then insert into the I-2019
  7. Place into the device (flat end first) for readout.


I-2002 Instructions

K-7513 Instructions

Oxygen Information

More Information
Manufacturer CHEMetrics
Call For Price No
Gas Oxygen (O2)
4-20 mA Output No
Voltage Output None
Power Requirements 4 AAA Batteries
Datalogging No
Warranty 1 Year
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