Aeroqual Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) Sensor Head 0-100 ppm (ESP)

Sulfer Dioxide (SO2) Sensor Head uses Gas Sensitive Electrochemical (GSE) technology to detect Sulfer Dioxide from 0-100 ppm at 0.1 ppm resolution and up to +/-0.5 ppm accuracy.

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This Sulfer Dioxide (SO2) Sensor Head uses Gas Sensitive Electrochemical (GSE) technology to detect Sulfer Dioxide from 0-100 ppm at 0.1 ppm resolution with <±0.5 ppm accuracy (in concentrations from 0 - 5 ppm) or  <± 10% accuracy (in concentrations from 5 -100 ppm).

This sensor uses an active sensor technology with an internal fan to pull air across the GSE sensor at a specific flow rate for accurate gas detection.  The fan pulls a stream of air past the sensor every 60 seconds providing a new reading of SO2 levels and a 60 second response time for the sensor.

This sensor head will be a direct fit onto any Series-200, Series-300, or Series-500 Aeroqual ozone monitor.  This head can be purchased as an addition to your existing monitor, or with a new base unit.  To purchase with a base unit see our Aeroqual ozone monitor page.  If you currently have an Aeroqual ozone monitor this sensor will be a direct fit for your current monitor.  The Series-200, Series-300, or Series-500 will automatically detect this as a 0-100 ppm SO2 head and react accordingly. 



Compare the Series 200, 300, 500 monitors:

Compare the Aeroqual handheld devices


Aeroqual Series-200


Aeroqual Series-300


Aeroqual S-500

Interchangeable sensor head Yes Yes Yes
Digital LCD Display Yes Yes Yes
Min, Max, Average readings on screen Yes Yes Yes
Field Replaceable Battery Yes Yes Yes
Remote Sensor Capability Yes Yes Yes
Temp and HR Sensor optional Yes Yes Yes
External Control Outputs No Yes Yes
Audible Alarm No Yes Yes
High and Low Alarms No Yes Yes
0-5 VDC Analog output No Yes Yes
Zero Calibration capability Yes Yes Yes
Span Calibration capability No Yes Yes
Internal Data Logging Capability No No Yes

PC connection cables and capability

No No


 View a brochure with specifications on the Series-200, 300, and 500.


Detailed Sensor Specifications for Aeroqual ambient sensors

Aeroqual handheld sensor specificationsClick on image to expand

Sensor Type

There are two types of Aeroqual sensors, type 1 and type 2. 
The type 1 is used with the S-200, S-300, S-500, and S-900 monitors. 
The type 2 is calibrated specifically with fittings on the end allowing it to be used with the ENC enclosure and in the S930

Aeroqual type-1 and type-2 sensors types


Full list of technical information and specifications for all Aeroqual sensors

More Information
Manufacturer Aeroqual
Quickbooks Stock Level 0.000000
Quickbooks Stock Date Expected 2024-07-30 00:00:00
Call For Price No
Gas Sulfur Dioxide (SO2)
Sensor Type GSE (Gas Sensitive Electrochemical)
Range 0-100 ppm
Maximum Exposure 200 ppm
Monitor sensor fits S-200 / S-300 / S-500, Series-900
Minimum Detection Limit 0.2 ppm
Accuracy <±0.5 ppm (in concentrations from 0 - 5 ppm) or <± 10% (in concentrations from 5 -100 ppm).
Resolution 0.1 ppm
Response Time <60 s
Sampling Method Fan
Operational Temperature Range 0 to 40 C
Operational RH Range 10 to 90%
Warranty 6 Month
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