Ozone Monitors

list of Ozone Monitors we offer:

Both fixed mount and portable sensors, from all the manufacturers we represent are listed here.  For questions on what sensor might be right for you, Contact us today!

Ozone Information

Skeletal formula of ozone with partial charges shown with some dimensionsBall and stick model of ozone

Gas Sensing also partners with Ozone Services to offer complete ozone systems and service for all your ozone needs.  We got our start with ozone, and it is still our passion today.

Handheld Ozone Monitors
Monitor ID Range Audible Alarm Features Price

EZ-1X handheld ozone sensorEZ-1X

No $349

Aeroqual Series-200S-200


Rental Option


GasAlert Extreme for OzoneGAXT-G-DL

Yes $825

Aeroqual Series-300S-300

Yes $995

Aeroqual S-500S-500


Rental Option


D16 Sensor in HandD16


Rental Option

Fixed Ozone Monitors
Monitor ID Range Audible Alarm Integrated Relays Features Price

C-30ZX Wall Mount ozone monitorC-30ZX

0-0.14 ppm Yes Yes $520

SM-70 Fixed mount ozone monitor with alarmSM-70

Yes Yes $700

B12 Ozone Detector transmitterB12

No No $600

OS-6 Remote Sensing ozone monitorOS-6

No Yes $795

Aeroqual S-930 Ozone Monitor with sensor headS-930

No Yes $955

ATI F12D Fixed mount ozone monitor with relays F12-D

No  Yes $1,100

ATI F12IS Fixed mount ozone monitorF12-IS

No No $1,125

ATI D12 XP Rated Ozone MonitorD12

No  Yes  $1,350

ATI A12 Ozone Monitor intrisically safe and XP ratedA12

No No $1,055

Aeroqual S-900 fixed mount ozone monitorS-900

No  Yes  $570

ATI B12 Ozone Monitor for wet gas applicationsB12 Wet Gas

No No $1,250